How Sports Betting Came To Be

There’s different speculations about how this oh so favourite pastime for many appeared and when exactly. Traces can be followed as back as to Roman times, where it was forbidden to gamble, but knowing human nature it’s not too difficult to imagine that many closed their eyes to this rule. It’s actually known that Emperor Augustus himself was fond of the games of chance.

Perhaps we can only guess when all of this came to be. Was it brought with the start of the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece? This sure sounds plausible, doesn’t it? We know that law appeared simultaneously with the foundation of the first countries, so it makes sense that these two would be connected, too.

However, the meaning and form of sports betting that we know today developed much later than that. Many point the event of pedestrianism that took place in 19 century England as the root of modern betting. This so-called sport quickly appealed to gamblers and the rest is history. This practice had its opponents, of course, just as it does today – an actual association (Amateur Athletic Association) was created to ward off its corruption.

This European event soon spread to the United States. Its decline was expected, and the fact that it was replaced came as a surprise to no one. Bettors turned to the new and exciting sport of baseball. It kept its high ground until the 1920s when other sports came to the attention of the public. This period is often referred to as the Golden age of sports.

It goes without saying that unlawful practices have been transforming the image of sports betting since forever. However, counteractions have been implemented, too. Those found guilty of corrupting betting are being punished for their deeds.

Today, sports betting takes a very substantial place in the world of gambling and it will surely do so for many years ahead!