Betting With Your Local Bookmaker

In the last couple of years online betting has become the go-to option for bettors – it’s easily accessible and convenient. You can even follow all matches live. However, we should not forget that placing bets at your local sportsbook has its upsides. Today we’ll remind you of the reasons why you should pay you favourite bookmaker a visit.

Personal contact, friendships, even acquaintances will always be a plus in your life. Networking is something you should always build on, and that goes for betting, too. Knowing your bookmaker for a while will result in him having favourable attitude towards you. You can take advantage of the totals for example – if the bookie needs more bets on the under for example, you can negotiate going around the 11-to-10 rule so that you can bet whatever amount you want.

Another benefit of your local bookmaker knowing you well enough is him giving you better odds. Sooner or later, he’ll remember your point spreads all too well. In this day and age of digitalization, bookmakers fight for every single customer they can get. Therefore, it will be of mutual interest that he presents you numbers that you’ll like better than those online.

Of course, the scale of the bookie’s generosity differs – on his general character, whether his business is successful or not, on the time you two have known each other. The longer you’ve used his services, the more benevolent he’ll be.

Naturally, some people are sceptical when it comes to relying on someone with their money – they fear they’ll be lied to or straight up mugged. That’s why you should make sure you’re dealing with a trusted bookie. If you have done so, but are still a little anxious simply ask them to repeat your bets after you’re done to feel more secure.

Hopefully you’ll consider all of this and try out going back to the roots of sports betting – even for a little while.